The Lamb King

By Patti Mustain

The Lamb King


The Lamb King...God's Eternal Love Story. The Gospel Message from Genesis to Revelation.

Have you ever wondered “What is the Bible all about?” or “What does Jesus have to do with the older parts of the Bible?” Maybe you are someone who wants to share the story of the Gospel with a friend, and is shy about knowing how to explain your faith. There are many people who have been in church for most of their lives, yet still see the books of the Old Testament as a group of Bible stories and the books of the New Testament as the story of Jesus’ life…the Gospel. Here is a book to help tie it all together!

About the Book

This book is a very condensed explanation of God’s eternal plan of salvation for humankind from their bondage to sin. It is all about His love, and it starts at the very beginning of the Bible with the book of Genesis. This small book is a simple tool to use on your own or in a group to study and journal your way through the story of the Gospel…from Genesis to Revelation.

Perfect for:

Seekers of God, who know nothing of the Bible.

Young Christians, who want to know more.

Older Christians, who want to finally “tie it all together.”

Small groups, where questions and study materials help to aid in learning and group discussion.

About the Author

Patti Mustain began her walk with Christ over 50 years ago. She and her late husband Jeff spent over 12 years serving Christ together in both church and campus ministry. She has raised two wonderful children from that marriage, and is now experiencing the pure joy of grand-parenting. Over the past many years, Patti has been blessed to come to know Jesus more deeply, not only as her Savior and Lord, but also as a friend from whom she has received abounding grace. Lovingly, God blessed Patti with her current husband and soul mate, Johnny. They reside in the beautiful foothills in Northern California. 

All of the photographs in this book are of Patti’s travels in California, the East Coast, Hawaii, Europe and from her mission trips to Haiti and Sweden. 

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The Lamb King


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