Colorful Joyful Art

"Painting petals...seeking Light"

Patti Mustain

Painter, Author, Photographer

Hello, my name is Patti and I am an ever discovering creative!

Here is my place to share my original paintings, my joy and love of art and to talk about things that are good and pure and true. May you find a moment of peace discovering something that brings hope or brightens your day!


The Painting Story

The Lamb King



In Situ

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Absolutely love this art! Patti has a beautiful eye for capturing the little things of this world and giving them life. Blessed to have this hanging in my home.

Stephanie S.

I am in love with my new wall hanging. I hung it in my office where I can see it throughout the day while I'm working. You did marvelous work! 

Paula A.

Peaceful, I love how Patti captured the beauty of the moment and by adding scripture to completed my picture. 

Theresa E.