đź’— May I embrace each of life's seasons with a grateful heart.
Ever mindful that love is, and always has been, a choice.đź’—
Welcome Friends…It is here that I share about my love of art and the Lord.  I am an acrylic, gouache and oil painter, published author and a life long photographer with seemingly endless creative thoughts and ideas.
It is in a small agricultural town in Northern California that you will find me writing, painting, and photographing. (That is, if we are not visiting the ocean, God's most magnificent creation!) 
My husband and I have a very precious marriage, three dear children, a wonderful son-in-law, and four darling grandchildren.
From my home studio, I am able to look out at one of our rose gardens, where I am able to see my favorite soft pink rose bush in bloom. It is here that I have spent hours painting…knowing that I am so blessed to be able to do so.
While I paint, I am able to try and express the beauty that I see all around me from the creations that God made! Our garden has no less than 20 rose bushes that produce practically year round! As well, our garden displays numerous other growing flowers throughout the seasons. Lilacs, dahlias, hydrangeas, begonias, peonies, daisies, asters, sweet peas, zinnias, lavender, plus so many more!
My husband is an amazing gardener and keeps our yard beautiful…which keeps me “oh so happy!” There is hardly a day that I go outside and cannot find a flower to paint. I live in a farming community, and there is a special flower farm just a few miles up the road that always has something in bloom if my garden does not!
That’s a bit about me. Thank you for poking around my little next. I hope you find something here that makes you smile and brings you joy! Thank you so much for journeying along with me while I share as authentically as possible my love for creativity, my love for family, and my love for Jesus.
With joy,
“Painting petals…seeking Light”



My Why to Creating Art

In the beginning God created…
He created light, the heavens and earth, and all things in it. 
He then created mankind, male and female, in HIS likeness. 
You and I are created in God’s image.
I don’t know about you, but I yearn to emulate the Creator Himself
and to know His pleasure in my doing this.
I love creating beauty in our home, a delicious meal, a song at the piano,
or a captivating photograph with a story to go with it.
Most recently I have found the love of painting.
Above all, I love to point others to the original Creative Himself.
If I do nothing else with my life, I want to do this one thing
…Honor God, my Creator. 
One way to do this is with the gifts that He has given to me.
Much of my life has been spent in the process of creating.
I never tire of looking through my cameras lens,
telling a story, or painting beautiful hues,
tones and textures on cotton surfaces.
When I paint, color just comes out…mostly in the form of flowers!
And don’t even get me started on those
little gems with all their many colors.
There is so much delicate beauty in just one blossom!  
If we all can use our lives to spread more beauty,
then we are making the world a better place.
It is my true hope that you will leave my little space
with just a bit more joy in your heart.
May I point you to the ultimate Creator? 
Come, let me show you…
I believe that there is nothing more important than to live life loving God and sharing His message of love with others.