The Most Fun Graduation Ceremony Ever!

Valedictorian of her class!? Yes, and why not? She claimed that honor in her graduating ceremony of ONE! My darling daughter could not walk to receive her diploma with her class, so she and her husband planned a "Graduation Ceremony" for her this past weekend, with just his family and hers. They found a cap and gown at his parents home and we turned on Pomp and Circumstances for her to walk down the aisle. She then gave a speech and threw up her cap! We had a toast, amazing cake and sparkly gifts and celebrated her accomplishments together as a family. It was totally darling! 

Lindsay actually finished her school one year ago just days before she had her first she could not walk with her class at the graduation. She had studied online completing her education, earning her a BS (Science), BSN (Nursing), and a PHN (Public Health Nurse).

♡ Proud Mama here!

Marks parents live near Shasta where they have a beautiful alfalfa farm where they can see both Mt Shasta and Mt Lassen. We all stayed together at the farm having a most wonderful time. We went on many walks there, one down to the river where we picked a bouquet of wildflowers for Hans to give to his mama. We went to Burney Falls on the way there and found it to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls we have ever seen. 

We caravaned the trip there and back. With two cars, four adults and a one-year-old the trips had many stops. My favorite (aside from the falls) was a little park with a river where we picnicked. Hans had his very first fishing experience. So sweet.

♡ Such precious memories ♡


Burney Falls


The Farm


The Graduation Ceremony


The Party


The "Formals"


Mt Shasta and Fishing

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  • Patti, Wonderful pictures…..looks like you got some great tips from your teacher in Seattle. I was wondering how that day went when you left here? You have a very pretty daughter, of course why wouldn’t she be pretty? Take care, JS.

    Judy Smith

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