A Dream Come True

Have you ever had a dream that you would love to see realized...but are convinced is only a dream? I actually had one of those dreams come true!  

There is a beautiful photographer based out of Seattle, Washington who spends a good part of each year in Paris, France. When in Paris she photographs the charming old stately structures of the city, as well as the delicate young vibrant flowers that are displayed everywhere. She has a true artists eye and her photo editing skills are bar none. She has been featured in Victoria Magazine, The New Yorker, Romantic Homes and several more. She has authored/photographed two remarkable floral books, as well as having a stunning stationary line with journals, calendars and cards. What's more, she and her husband David even have their own stock photography company! She is my absolute favorite photographer. She is Georgianna Lane

Okay, back to my dream. Georgianna was to hold a workshop in Paris, France this past spring. My dear amazing husband Johnny said that I had to attend. My jaw dropped and I started to protest. But my sweet and discerning husband said that I HAD to go. So with that, I wrote to Georgianna and told her of my interest in coming. Long story short, the workshop collided with her publisher's needs from her and it had to be postponed. My dream come true, suddenly vanished.

But with true grace, Georgianna offered me an opportunity to have time with her in Seattle for a day of mentoring. In writing this, I almost tear up. The day that I spent with her, was like a dream come true. She was willing to answer any question I posed and was so gracious as she critiqued my work and gave me advice on my growing art photography business. 

We started out in the morning with coffee and roses! The roses on the table were beautiful and the coffee from her press was very welcoming. She even accommodated my needs with special gluten-free biscotti. Delicious. One side note...her coffee mugs were the same Johnson Brothers pattern as Johnny's and my wedding dishes...that we still use every day. Blessed.

Throughout the day she and I went over so many details of my business and she taught me valuable new editing techniques. She served me a delightful lunch out on their lawn. As we sat down outside to eat, I wanted to offer a prayer but found myself shy to take her hand and pray. So, I offer that prayer now... "Lord, thank you for the sweet friend and amazing opportunity you have given me this day with Georgianna. Thank you for her warmth and kindness toward me. Thank you for the beauty of this yard and the food that you have provided us with. Bless Georgianna and David and their businesses. Thank you for the gift of your gorgeous creation that we can photograph. In Jesus' name, Amen"

Later in the afternoon, we meandered around her charming yard and collected a bouquet of blossoms in which to make an arrangement to photograph. We then photographed together. Amazing. Next, I was mesmerized watching her edit one of my pictures. I could not take notes fast enough! 

What a fabulous day from morning 'till dusk. I will forever have it tucked tightly away in my memory bank as of one of the best days of my life...a dream come true. 


Her amazing book...and a planner and calendar from her collection. What a lovely gift to sit down to! 

Beautiful setting for our lunch break.

Back home...using the techniques that Georgianna taught me. (This is the bouquet that we picked out of her yard.)

Georgianna and I after a beautiful day together!



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