Sharing Some Goodness!


I run across some pretty special people. Here is just a handful of some authors and or business owners that I love, and want to share with you. I switch them up, so come back to get some further inspiration! 

Dawn Klinge Dawn is an author in Washington State and has a wonderful blog that I love reading! This links to one of my favorites, where she talks about her relationship with Jesus. 

Deb Gruelle Debbie is a lifetime friend of mine. She and I go back as far as high school. She helped me edit my own book and she has written quite a few herself. 

Georgianna Lane When it comes to photographers, you can not find one with more beautiful flowers! I was super blessed to spend an entire day learning and gleaning from her. What a special woman! 

Andrew F. Carter Ok, this guy has such an amazing way of talking about the all the time! Johnny listens to him daily!

Broken Oak Acres Lyndsay has the darn cutest flower farm just up the way from where we live. Her farm is in Glenn Ca. and if you are just have to check her out! 

Sweet Laurel Bakery  So many of you know that I am a gluten free gal. When I found Sweet Laurel's cookbook, I was delighted. Check her out if you have not already! 

Sara Ruth Creative Sara is a special one. She and I go way back, like to when she was born! Sara is my niece, and a very special writer and photographer! She lives in the San Diego area and works much of her photography magic on the beach.