Step by Step

Most of my artwork consists of opaque gouache paints on French cotton papers…or unique artisan-made cotton papers with beautiful deckled edges. Also, sometimes I will use acrylics, oil paints, and pastels layering my work…creating lovely textural details.

How my art becomes…

Joyfully, there is usually a hand-picked bouquet of fresh blooms in my painting process. Sometimes I find flowers from the abundance in our yard, sometimes at the local flower stand, and sometimes along the side of the road…growing wild. Generally, I photograph them, and then if time allows, I paint them on the spot. Most often that is in my home studio, but if I am lucky, I am at a river with my husband…him fishing and me painting!

I generally paint small, on cotton paper using opaque gouache paint. The way that the paint and the paper dance together makes me “oh so happy”! Usually, I begin with a layer of acrylic for the background. Then I build upon it, layers of gouache paint. Next, I paint the background again, cutting into the flowers. This adds depth and variations of background color. My final steps are to “touch up” all of the details, before adding a light spray of varnish to protect and seal the art.

Finding the perfect vintage/retro frame is the next piece of my creative process. Time and time again, I hunt anywhere that I can to find lovely and interesting frames. These treasures go into baskets in my closet until it is time to pair my art together with them. At last, my art is ready to be loved and enjoyed.