A Dream Come True

by Patti Mustain October 18, 2017 Have you ever had a dream that you would love to see realized…but are convinced is only a dream? I actually had one of those dreams come true!   There is a beautiful photographer based out of Seattle, Washington who spends a good part of each year in Paris, France. When in Paris she…… Continue reading A Dream Come True

The two littles celebrate!

Wow, what a darling set of cousins! There are few things more precious than the celebration of life. And this week we celebrated two children having reached the one year mark. Below is a sampling of a fabulous fall party of a couple of happy and adorable children. Happy birthday to you both!!!

Robin’s new home!

A couple of months back I spent the afternoon with my beautiful friend Robin Ingram King. She has two wonderful daughters that I adore! Robin has a deep and precious heart. That afternoon I was over to see her new home! She had just moved in, but the place already was feeling so homey…just like…… Continue reading Robin’s new home!

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