Special Times Together…

These past few weeks my mom has been showered with so much family love. My mother has had some difficult times recently, and many family members have come to love on her. Mom lives with my brother Mark and sister in law Niko. They willingly open their home to not just her, but to all… Continue reading Special Times Together…

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National Son’s Day

My son…what can I say except “Thank you, Lord”. Bradley sent me these pictures last month. One on his drive to Great Falls College and one of his student ID. The pictures kinda make me proud. This is from a son that did not even care to graduate high school! (But you can bet that… Continue reading National Son’s Day

Stephanie takes Flight

Yesterday was a very important day in my niece Stephanie’s life! She did her first cross country flight!!! She flew into our little town of Willows airport. Johnny and I had made lunch for her to enjoy with us in our backyard. We got a quick update on her life before getting her back to… Continue reading Stephanie takes Flight