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Being an Introvert During Covid-19

Last evening I was researching how this Shelter in Place has impacted us introverts. I am sharing so that others might understand how introverts could be reacting during this time. Maybe you are one, or maybe you live with one. Many of us introverts… Continue Reading “Being an Introvert During Covid-19”

Respect…What does it look like these days?

Respect… What does it look like these days? -Do we respect our elected leaders and follow the laws of the land rather than everyone doing what pleases them? -Do we respect those older than us showing patience and honor to them? -Do we respect… Continue Reading “Respect…What does it look like these days?”

Date Night

Movie theater date night…nope. Fine dining date night…nope. Delevan National Wildlife Refuge date night…yep! Tonight Johnny and I took off for an adventure. We went to observe thousands of birds take flight at sunset. About 15 minutes from our home there is this amazing… Continue Reading “Date Night”