Primary Colors

Many of you may not know this, but I am a Certified Early Childhood Teacher. YEARS ago I worked as a preschool teacher. Like 35 years ago! I have always loved children and creativity. So, when my beautiful daughter asked if I would help teach art to her new kindergartener as part of their charter… Continue reading Primary Colors

Angelic Music

No doubt you have had one…one of those moments in life, where you feel like you were experiencing something so special…knowing that it would likely never come around quite like that again. Call it surreal, or spiritual…but call it blessed for sure. Last week my dear friend Kathleen came to our home to do what… Continue reading Angelic Music

Cousin Reunion

“After sharing years of Sunday afternoon’s together…memories are made once again.” My mother sat eagerly on the front porch awaiting their arrival… This week mom is staying with Johnny and me. My cousins Mike and Sherry have been talking about having a visit together with her, and since their sister Joanne was in town, we… Continue reading Cousin Reunion