The Garden Guys

When Johnny and I first moved to Willows I found this eclectic garden nursery called “The Garden Guys”. I was so taken by the sweet young woman who came to greet me out in the retail part of the wholesale nursery. Erica was a young expectant mama, and new to this area as were we.… Continue reading The Garden Guys

Special Times Together…

These past few weeks my mom has been showered with so much family love. My mother has had some difficult times recently, and many family members have come to love on her. Mom lives with my brother Mark and sister in law Niko. They willingly open their home to not just her, but to all… Continue reading Special Times Together…

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Flying to Spain

My sweet niece Kelli is on her way to Spain! Kelli and Thane have such a precious relationship…and its next chapter is about to be written abroad going to school together in Spain! Years ago, when I taught preschool in Penn Valley CA, I worked at a little yellow schoolhouse called Bright Beginnings. Thane was… Continue reading Flying to Spain