National Son’s Day

My son…what can I say except “Thank you, Lord”. Bradley sent me these pictures last month. One on his drive to Great Falls College and one of his student ID. The pictures kinda make me proud. This is from a son that did not even care to graduate high school! (But you can bet that this mama made sure that he did!!!) Bradley has matured and is becoming such a wonderful man. I am blessed that he sends me love all the time…by text or phone calls. Someday, I hope to see a bit more of him…Montana is a long way away.

Stephanie takes Flight

Yesterday was a very important day in my niece Stephanie’s life! She did her first cross country flight!!! She flew into our little town of Willows airport. Johnny and I had made lunch for her to enjoy with us in our backyard. We got a quick update on her life before getting her back to her mission. To say that I am proud of her would be an understatement. She and her husband Jim have lived on a sailboat for the last few years and sailed to places that they have dreamed of. Now, she is following this dream…to become a commercial pilot!!! You know what? She will do it! I can not wait to see this dream of hers unfold.

Off she goes…into the wild blue yonder!

National Daughter’s Day

One of the greatest gifts I ever have been given is that of being a mother. My children have made me very proud and have blessed me abundantly. One of the blessings that my daughter has given me was to marry a loving, kind man with many gifts and talents. And then on top of these blessings, I have been blessed with three precious grandsons. What can I say?…except that I am triple blessed! Amazing kids, a wonderful son-in-law and three grandchildren! “Cheers” to my beautiful daughter this National Daughter’s Day!