The Ranch and the Orchard.

These past few months I have spent a couple of days each week with two dear ladies. One who lives on a ranch and another who lives on a piece of land with many growing things. Both of them have sweet dogs who live with them.

Having said that, I am not a dog girl. But there was one dog that my heart became very fond of. Her name was Flower. I say was, because after living 14 productive years she passed on, to peaceful “dog heaven”. Flower was a herding animal for Susan for many years before becoming a companion for our dear sweet Billie, who is my Orchard gal. Anyways, I will tell you more about Flower down below…

Susan is our ranch gal. She is full of kindness and determination. She lives in the foothills a bit out of town, and her views are spectacular. She has horses and dogs and some beautiful land. Her dream is to one day have a western campsite on her land that people can come to to stay for a spell.

So, first are some photos of Susans place with her black and white dog Prince. Enjoy some peacefulness, with wildflowers, towering oaks and a refreshing reservoir.

Below is a handful of photos of Billies land, with the growing olives and oranges and where she had Flower staying with her. Look at her beautiful views of the foothills. (So grateful to have been gifted with so many sweet oranges for Johnny and I to enjoy).

Flower was a sweet natured dog. Always ready to come and say hello when I drove up. When I would go out to the road to get the mail for Billie, Flower would always tag along, at somewhat of a distance. She was tired and shy, but her eyes showed her heart…full of love. Here is a glimpse into her beautiful eyes. When she passed, Susan took her to the ranch and found a perfect spot for her to be laid to rest.

You never know what or whom life with bring to you. I am grateful to know these ladies and their precious friend Flower. I try to embrace each season of my life with a grateful heart. This is no exception.

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