Donuts & Valentines

While driving from Willows to the kids house, I suggested that we stop for donuts for a little Valentine treat for the grandchildren. Johnny was up for it, and we made a quick stop before getting there. The kids were swinging on the tree swing when we arrived with that well known pink box! I asked Lindsay if they could have them and she gave the ok. We had gotten 6 donuts and 6 donut holes, and these kids were two fisted eaters! To say that they were not hungry for lunch is an understatement!

We had also brought along with us some unused note cards from my mother. The children had a blast making all kinds of Valentines. I have to say, that the one that Hans made and gave to me, was one of my favorites for sure!

Our family is growing! And we love it. Here is a look at an impromptu family “portrait” or two!


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