Train Ride to Reno

In January Johnny and I joined our dear friends Don and Victoria for an Amtrak train ride through the snow, to celebrate Victoria’s birthday together in…Reno! We all hopped on the train and spent two days together just having fun. Don and Victoria rented their room at the El Dorado with an incredible view so that we could all have a place to just “hang” together. Crazy view from that corner room, right? Our view next door wasn’t bad either!

On the way, when we pulled into Truckee for a stop, the conductor was tossing snowballs at the windows. I whipped out my little point and shoot and captured this image. What fun! Donner Lake and the Truckee River were beautiful to enjoy along the way.

Don had made reservations at La Strada for Victoria’s dinner. The Italian meal was delicious and the manager came with dessert and sang “Happy Birthday” to her with such strength and finesse!

The time there was short, but we had the experience. We’ve got to embrace those experiences when we can! So glad that we did…

Happy Birthday Victoria!!!!!

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