The Garden Guys

When Johnny and I first moved to Willows I found this eclectic garden nursery called “The Garden Guys”. I was so taken by the sweet young woman who came to greet me out in the retail part of the wholesale nursery. Erica was a young expectant mama, and new to this area as were we. She and Joe, one of the garden guys, were together as a couple.

Over time, I got to know Gary, the other garden guy! He, Joe and Erica are all such cool individuals. Gary lives at the nursery on the most amazing piece of wonderment! Probably surprising to many of you, I have always had a bit of “flower child” in me…so this place resonated with me for sure.

About a year ago, Erica and I started to get together every week or so to study the Bible together and to go through the book that I wrote…The Lamb King. We have grown in our friendship and I love her so much!

Not only has our friendship seen growth, but she as a person has grown so much and I believe that she has grown in her walk and relationship with Jesus as well.

Erica and Joe now have two children and I have loved being a small part of their lives.

Here are some photos that I took a couple of weeks ago of the nursery, the family, and the extended family with Uncle Gary…and the kitty of course!

Ps…Gary has more unique chairs than I can count at his place. I am obsessed! And I still am trying to find a way to buy one off of him!

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