Special Times Together…

These past few weeks my mom has been showered with so much family love. My mother has had some difficult times recently, and many family members have come to love on her. Mom lives with my brother Mark and sister in law Niko. They willingly open their home to not just her, but to all who come to spend time with her. They are wonderful examples of the kind of care and servanthood that Jesus calls us to show to others.

We have celebrated birthdays together, shared meals together, had prayer times together and loved on mom…A LOT together.

My son Bradley flew in from Montana to be with her…such a blessing. And Bradley was able to be a very special surprise to mom, as she did not know that he was coming to see her.

An added blessing was that I was able to have both my kids…Lindsay with her precious family, and Bradley, with me for the first time in two years. We would have loved to have had Johnny’s daughter Amelia be with us. Praying that this will happen some day…

My Uncle Dan and cousin Deirdre flew in from Arizona and Oregon to be with mom when she stayed with Johnny and I. Dan had known mom before he married her sister Leola…who is now with Jesus in heaven.

My sister Donelle and my niece Sara flew in from San Diego to love on and care for mom.

And, I posted earlier about my cousins Mike, and Joanne and Sherry along with their husbands, who came to visit with my mom just a couple of months ago.

My mother has LOVED so well during her lifetime…of almost 93 years. And she is being loved on so much now.

My life has been so richly blessed because of her, and at this point, my schedule is pretty freed up so that I can help to be part of the love and care that she is needing at this time in her life. To say that I am lucky to have had her as a mother would be one way to look at it…but to say that God gave me a rich blessing to have had her as a mother is much more accurate. I have been BLESSED by God. And I am grateful for all the hugs and kisses that are left to be shared with this precious soul that I have gotten to have as my mother.


  1. What a special read. Tallah is a wonderful woman and I’ve spent some pretty incredible moments with her, INCLUDING her teaching me how she makes her lemon angel food cake. When our boys died, she brought that cake over to my house and I shared it with my parents, and second parents. As we cried we ate it and felt the pyre love behind each bite of lemony goodness. Tallah is a gift to all you, but she was to me and mine as well with every encounter ♥️. I pray for her and you, Patti. I loved seeing a pic of Bradley, too. I love you guys. Tina

    1. Hi Tina, you are so right about my mothers giving spirit and her amazing angel food cake. So glad to know that you still remember it with fondness during such a devastating time for your family. Much love to you all 💞

  2. Patti, what wonderful photos and a tribute to your incredible family . . . and especially your precious mom.

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