Primary Colors

Many of you may not know this, but I am a Certified Early Childhood Teacher. YEARS ago I worked as a preschool teacher. Like 35 years ago! I have always loved children and creativity. So, when my beautiful daughter asked if I would help teach art to her new kindergartener as part of their charter school curriculum, I was all over it!

This week, Johnny and I took off to Roseville and had an awesome time outside with Hans and Caleb. Hans is the oldest, but Caleb hung right in there during the lesson.

We learned about primary and secondary colors. Who knows the three primary colors? Of course, you do…Red, Yellow and Blue!!! How about the three secondary colors? Those would be Green, Orange, and Purple!

Lindsay went out for an hour or two and we had a blast with the boys! We mixed colors and made color wheels. We had a fun color wheel puzzle that we did together. We dropped food coloring into a “wheel of glasses” and saw how combining colors made other colors. We read a book and colored with crayons. And we listed as many words as we could for each color! So fun!!! When Lindsay got home we had a little more family time and even got a quick picture of the whole family!

Ok, here ya go…COLOR TIME!!!!


  1. I love these pictures! So great you got to teach your grandsons too. I really like your haircut as well Patti!
    The crayon books are really good too. Our grand daughter loves her green crayon stuffed toy from the books.

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