Angelic Music

No doubt you have had one…one of those moments in life, where you feel like you were experiencing something so special…knowing that it would likely never come around quite like that again. Call it surreal, or spiritual…but call it blessed for sure.

Last week my dear friend Kathleen came to our home to do what she has done many times before. She came to minister to my mother with her music. Recently, we moved our piano from the living room into my mother’s room, otherwise known as the “sunroom”. Whenever mother comes to stay with us she has this special room that we made up for her. This is where she has always stayed at our home. We love having it for her. We love having her stay with us.

You see, something pivotal happened last month…mother went onto hospice care. She sleeps a lot. She uses her recliner a lot. But she also blesses us a whole lot. She gives love and encouragement and tells me that she is so proud of me. She tells us how much she loves us and is grateful for us. She gives in ways only she can. She is my mother…and I need her, and am amazed by God’s gift of her in our lives. She does not know how much she still gives to us, she always wants to do more, often sad that she can not “work” any longer. But a mother’s greatest work is that of loving her children…so in my book, she is still working.

My friend Kathleen is one very dear friend. Kathleen will be the first to tell you that she is not perfect with her piano playing. That she misses some notes and wishes that she were better. But to me…the music that she plays is heavenly. Probably because she plays out of a heart of true ministry and worship to her Lord. And to me…she has a touch on the piano like that of an angel.

Kathleen desires to always use her music to point others to the Lord, to scripture, and to worship. When she is here, she will start a song by telling my mother about the lyrics and how they are from a certain passage in the Bible. Then she plays. And I feel the softness of the Holy Spirit filling the room.

How moved I was with her music, and to see my mother peacefully enjoying it. I felt so very privileged to have my unbashful friend playing what her heart is so full of…the love of Jesus. What a privilege to be with my dear, tiny, sweet, loving mother, who was being ministered to by my generous friend with the gift of her angelic music. Surely, the presence of the Lord is in this place…


  1. I get it! 🙂 As your mama came to mind today, I thought about how very proud she is of each of her kids! She glows when she speaks of her kids and it’s evident that each and every one of you are a source of great joy! She’s still making memories that will continue to bring you lifetime joy and smiles.

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