Cousin Reunion

“After sharing years of Sunday afternoon’s together…memories are made once again.”

My mother sat eagerly on the front porch awaiting their arrival…

This week mom is staying with Johnny and me. My cousins Mike and Sherry have been talking about having a visit together with her, and since their sister Joanne was in town, we thought that this would be an ideal time to all be together for some family time with mom.

So, my cousins and their spouses piled in a car and made the journey to our home for lunch. Our parents had been best friends for so many years of their married lives, which means that we cousins were often together as well.

Sherry shares memories of my mother and father with me quite often. And I too have so many fond memories, especially of being together for lunch after church on Sundays. One fun memory was when both my parents and theirs, got their first (HUGE) matching microwave ovens. The newest gadget, that was coveted by many! Or of the times that toll landline calls were so pricy that one family had the toll bill and the other family had a certain number of rings that indicated they were to call the other back so as to not have each family have to pay for the toll calls! There was always wonderful food shared…and Sunday afternoon movies (“Oaklahoma” with Shirley Jones), or lots of girl talk, or swimming in the above-ground pool that my cousins had.

There have been many years that have passed since those times together…which made this lunch even more special.

My mother is the last of our parents still living. And I think that Mike, Joanne, and Sherry all wanted to extend another gesture of love towards her.

What a blessed and special memory has been made…once again.

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  1. Patty you are verbally and photography talented! A good day to remember. Thanks for the memories.

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