Mt. Lassen Anniversary

January 14th was a special day for Johnny and me…because we were married in Lake Tahoe 14 years ago! Last week, we had some plans change around and were able to get away on our actual anniversary. These past few years I have been feeling so strongly that we need to take the time to celebrate the special people in our lives and their special dates! I even got a calendar, especially for these dates. (We will see how I do with this!) Last Wednesday we went to Farwood for a delicious dinner. Then on Thursday we got up and headed to Mt. Lassen. We stayed at The Highlands Ranch Resort and had a wonderful time. Because it is less than a two-hour drive from Willows, we were both able to be at our jobs on Friday afternoon/evening! To say that I am blessed would be an understatement. I have so very much, not the least of which is my loving and caring husband. We dream and play and work and love and worship God together. There is not much more that a woman could ask for!

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