National Son’s Day

My son…what can I say except “Thank you, Lord”. Bradley sent me these pictures last month. One on his drive to Great Falls College and one of his student ID. The pictures kinda make me proud. This is from a son that did not even care to graduate high school! (But you can bet that this mama made sure that he did!!!) Bradley has matured and is becoming such a wonderful man. I am blessed that he sends me love all the time…by text or phone calls. Someday, I hope to see a bit more of him…Montana is a long way away.


  1. This made me cry happy and sad 😭 tears! I miss this kid so much! I’m so glad he is doing well. He called me a
    Couple times but I lost his #… would you ask if I could get it from you?

    Calv is doing soooo well these days too. (In case you wondered).

    I hope life is sweet for you and Johnny and you two are just happy as can be.
    Love and miss you 🍂♥️

    1. Hi Dear Tina! So glad to hear that Calvin is going great too! These boys do grow up and make us proud! I will check with Bradley and get back with you. Hugs all around! Miss and love you too…🌺

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