Being an Introvert During Covid-19

Last evening I was researching how this Shelter in Place has impacted us introverts. I am sharing so that others might understand how introverts could be reacting during this time. Maybe you are one, or maybe you live with one.
Many of us introverts are probably feeling tired these days if we have family around us all the time. We love our family and want to be with them, but are used to “our space” that we typically have in normal life.
For example, my husband has been off work now for many weeks, with only a short time back at work…just to be off again. Let me boldly say that Johnny is an amazing friend and husband whom I love dearly. I will also say that he is usually gone many hours during the week to his job.
We introverts get drained from being with people and need to “escape” often to rejuvenate so as to be able to come back bringing our best selves along with us. When I go to work I love to interact with the public and to serve them. But when I come home I need downtime to fill back up so that I can give to my husband, kids/grandkids, mother, friends, and my work.
It is and always has been a struggle to find the right balance in this need for alone time. During this crazy time in life, it has become even more of a challenge. Maybe you can relate.
Anyways, thanks for listening…now I am going to go back into my quiet and maybe pick up a paintbrush to create something after my morning of quiet and refreshment. (Johnny gifted me with a day alone, as he enjoys some golf today!)

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