Respect…What does it look like these days?

What does it look like these days?
-Do we respect our elected leaders and follow the laws of the land rather than everyone doing what pleases them?
-Do we respect those older than us showing patience and honor to them?
-Do we respect our boss when we are asked to perform a task or do something we would prefer to not do?
-Do we respect the young and not mistreat them in their vulnerability?
-Do we respect those different than us and not expect all to look and act the same?
These are tough situations. For often, our own pride rears it’s ugly head and screams louder than our desire for humility.
With each of these situations comes a challenge.
When does respect win out and when does standing for what is right win out?
Each case is individual. Each case begs to be evaluated in light of scripture and bathed in prayer.
There are times that we need to question the actions and decisions of those in authority.
There are times that we need to correct the young.
There are times that we need to stand firm in our convictions.
These are challenging times that we all are living through right now.
These times call for more time set aside to pray and seek God’s wisdom.
But let us always remember two things…to do what is right in God’s eyes and to be humble in our attempt to do so.

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