Date Night

Movie theater date night…nope.

Fine dining date night…nope.

Delevan National Wildlife Refuge date night…yep!

Tonight Johnny and I took off for an adventure. We went to observe thousands of birds take flight at sunset.

About 15 minutes from our home there is this amazing refuge for birds! We have gone once before in more of an “off” season. But, last night a friend informed me that at sunset a massive amount of birds fly off to the nearby rice fields to feed each night.

And, since Johnny and I have one coveted day off together each week, and today happened to be that, we decided that this was the perfect time to go visit the birds. So armed with my camera, tripod and a variety of lenses we ventured out about an hour before sunset.

The refuge takes about 45 minutes to drive through, and we wanted to be there in plenty of time to find the best location for sunset photos. Sounds kind of romantic right? Well, the hazy cloud filled sky caused me some creative challenge, but even still, I think that I was able to get some pretty shots. Johnny took a video on his phone, and the sound of all the birds taking flight was nothing short of amazing!

Oh, about that movie and fine dining…our sweet home provided both!

What a lovely date night.


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