Party in the Park

So whoever said that moving to the country would be “quiet” was…well, wrong. At least when it comes to Johnny’s and my experience! I suppose “quiet” may have different meanings to different people. But to us, quiet means slow-paced and relaxed. The thing is, we moved just far enough away to be in a rural setting but still close enough to family and friends to be able to stay connected. This is what creates that lack of slow-pace quiet that I am talking about! We love our little town, but we love our family more. So…this means that we are always driving back to the bigger town to be with them.

But not on this particular day! This day was different. They met us part way and we partied in the park!!! This week was Lindsay’s birthday. We choose the Sunday afternoon before her birthday to celebrate because it was the day that we all had off work together at the same time! We met up at a wonderful park where…

We lay in the sun.

We had a take-out lunch and a playful dessert.

We made kites out of her birthday balloon.

We gave gifts.

We spoke blessings over Lindsay.

We relaxed.

We enjoyed the babies playing…and the guys playing their share as well!

We talked.

We loved!

It felt like the most decadent gift that I had been given in a long while. My spirit was rejuvenated. That drive became a “Sunday afternoon drive”.

Birthdays are always heartwarming, special and fun to celebrate. But, seeing my daughter and husband raising their beautiful children made my heart even fuller. They are doing such a stellar job trying to figure out their lives. (Proud mama here!)

And they are going to make me a Lolli a third time! So that means one more birthday to celebrate!

Oh JOY!!!


  1. What a beautiful family you have, Patti. I can feel the love through these photos. This was the same love that softened my heart to receive Christ. I am so grateful that you all shared it with me and my family! Please tell Lindsay and her husband congratulations on the new baby to come, and tell Johnny I say hi. God bless you, Sweet friend.

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