Christmas Blessings of 2016

Just so you know…there is no way for me to adequately express the love and joy that I experienced this Christmas! There have been many years that I have not had comfortable feelings and experiences around Christmas. So to have been so fully comfortable and happy was awesome. Our extended family had so many “gatherings” together in a matter of two days! But each of them was special and full of love. We went to both a Christmas eve and a Christmas morning church service and had such a special time of worship and experienced the touching of the Holy Spirit. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? As for the delicious meals, there were about 22 of us total around the table on Christmas Eve and 18 on Christmas Day! Loads of smiles, hugs and love.
Oh, did I happen to mention that we have a brand new addition to our family this Christmas? You won’t miss him below!!! Yes, I am a proud Lolli! (aka grandma)

Below is a sprinkling of the love that I experienced in my heart…


2017-01-05_0002 2017-01-05_00012017-01-05_00032017-01-05_00042017-01-05_00052017-01-05_00062017-01-05_00072017-01-05_00082017-01-05_00092017-01-05_00102017-01-05_00112017-01-05_00122017-01-05_00132017-01-05_00152017-01-05_00162017-01-05_00172017-01-05_00222017-01-05_0021

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