Mission of Grace in Haiti

Last month I once again boarded a plane and flew out of the country. This time on a mission trip with The Rock of Roseville to Mission of Grace in Haiti. There was a group of 25 or so that went.  I was the only one that was not from this church, but they lovingly welcomed me along. I had my camera and was blessed to be there to document about the ministry in Carries Haiti and tell a story with my pictures.

Our group stayed across the highway from where the community and the mission was. Within walking distance there were two orphanages, and elderly home, a church, a school and a clinic that we went to. While there we ministered by praying, worshiping together, hugging, feeding, giving out clothing and doing crafts with the children and teens. There were also 7 incredibly selfless men from our group that headed up the hill (a 10 hour trip) to serve a community that had been devastated by hurricane Matthew. They replaced a roof that had been blown off of a local church. Many of these men came home sick. But never did any of us notice any complaining or grumbling from them. These were some humble God honoring men.

There is no way to describe the poverty that these Haitians live in. But they are kind and joyful non the less. The kingdom of God is being infiltrated into this small community by the work of this mission and those who come to serve along side of them.

This was a trip that I am beyond grateful to have been a part of. To God be the glory.


2016-11-19_0035 2016-11-19_00342016-11-20_00122016-11-20_0014

2016-11-19_0030 2016-11-19_0029 2016-11-19_0028 2016-11-19_0027 2016-11-19_0026

2016-11-20_0007 2016-11-19_0024 2016-11-19_0023 2016-11-19_0022 2016-11-19_0021 2016-11-19_0020 2016-11-19_00192016-11-20_0003 2016-11-19_0018 2016-11-19_0016 2016-11-19_00152016-11-20_0006 2016-11-19_0014
2016-11-19_00122016-11-20_0015 2016-11-19_0011 2016-11-19_0010

2016-11-19_0007 2016-11-19_0006 2016-11-19_0005 2016-11-19_0004 2016-11-19_0003
2016-11-19_0002 2016-11-19_00012016-11-19_00362016-11-19_00392016-11-19_00372016-11-19_0033

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  1. So beautiful. I would love to hear the stories that go with the beautiful pictures.

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