Rock of Roseville Planning Haiti Trip 2016

What a special experience…being a part of a mission trip. This month I will be joining a group from The Rock of Roseville on a mission trip to the island of Haiti. Below are pictures from our last meeting before we depart. As you are well aware, there has been severe devastation to this small island. Providentially, it was months ago that we as a group got together to start the process of becoming prepared to be part of this time in this poor and needy country. We will be going to a mission called Mission of Grace Haiti to minister.

If you happen to be reading this, please pause for a moment and pray for this country that has been hit so hard with hurricane Matthew.
God is in control…that is the surest thing that I can say. Again, please pray.
2016-10-09_0001 2016-10-09_0002

2016-10-09_0013 2016-10-09_0011 2016-10-09_0010 2016-10-09_0009 2016-10-09_0008 2016-10-09_0007 2016-10-09_0006 2016-10-09_0005 2016-10-09_0004 2016-10-09_00032016-10-09_0012

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