Almost in over my head…

Johnny and I have a favorite thing to do…go to the ocean. We marvel at how we are just and hour plus away from both Marin and San Francisco counties. There is so much beauty in our own back yard. Yesterday morning Johnny and I came up with a plan to go see something of “culture”. Finally, we both had the same day off…yeah!  We decided on seeing a mission or museum. So, we headed to San Francisco, and before we got to a museum we found a Mission! Mission San Rafael Arcangel. At the mission I learned a few things about the Catholic church while walking through the rebuilt mission. After having a “culture lesson”, we decided to drive to the ocean…our joy.  Once we got to the ocean it was all about the water! And I mean the water…I was taking pictures down low and the waves came upon me too fast and I was in! My wool coat and everything under it was soaked! I think I scared my husband silly! But, luckily for me he had shorts and flip-flops and a tee-shirt in the car. Johnny to the rescue! We did have a good laugh about it…well at least I did. 😉

2016-03-03_0003 2016-03-03_0004 2016-03-03_0005

2016-03-03_0007 2016-03-03_0008    2016-03-03_0012



  1. I love seeing your beautiful photographs and catch a glimpse of my brother’s sweet life! I am so happy for both of you.

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