An Evening With Kerri Kenyon

Last weekend Johnny and I were super blessed to have a chance to be together in Lodi to hear Kerri Kenyon. She is a dynamic and gifted teacher/preacher of the deep truths of God’s word. Her topic was on how God knows every single day of our entire life…that He has each of our lives memorized! What an amazing truth. She spoke of how in the Garden of Eden, after Adam and Eve ate the fruit…God went looking for them. He is the great seeker and lover of each of us. Her closing words were Back Off and Pray! We were reminded that we just need to love and pray for those in our lives that do not yet know of His amazing love for them. Then she had each of us that wished to, add our names to the scroll that ran down the aisle, as a reminder that our names are written in the book of life. She also encouraged us to place names of those that we will Back Off and Pray for. One of my favorite pictures is the one that had tear stains over the names that were written.

Here is a quote from Kerri’s website:


Your relationship with God has, is and always will be dependent on His faithful pursuit of you. He is passionate about you. He sent His Son to this earth to restore you to Himself. He has never stopped pursuing you through the power of His Spirit. He never will. His desire is for you to experience His Great Love, the love that will transform you!

You don’t have to strive or work harder to deserve His affection. Nothing you do, or don’t do, will change His heart for you. His Love is not contingent on your performance. You don’t have to live one more day under the pressure to measure up, be perfect, or hold it all together. Jesus took that burden for you on the cross.

He is chasing after you. He will finish what He has started in you. He won’t grow weary, give up or change His mind about you. No matter what. You are Loved and Relentlessly Pursued by Him!

Here is Kerri’s website.

Below, I have also added a few of pictures of our time after the service was over. We and our friends went to coffee and desert together. There was live piano music and beautiful vocals as we laughed and had some special friendship time together. Sweet fellowship for sure!

2016-02-04_0003   2016-02-04_0006 2016-02-04_0007 2016-02-04_0008


2016-02-04_0009 2016-02-04_0010 2016-02-04_0011




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