Fabulous Fashion! The cabi Scoop/San Diego Spring 2016

Every 6 months 3400 cabi stylists gather together to learn all about the upcoming cabi collection. We have meals together, see an amazing runway fashion show and get fantastic training on the new line. It’s here we learn the latest trends and style ideas. This past week we were in San Diego and had such a great time together! Many special friends have been made during these times, as we bond, learn and play. Below is a small look at the “Scoop”…and some of the many wonderful pieces from the cabi Spring ’16 designer line!

2016-01-21_0001 2016-01-21_0002 2016-01-21_0003 2016-01-21_0019 2016-01-21_0020 2016-01-21_0021 2016-01-21_0022 2016-01-21_0023 2016-01-21_0024    2016-01-21_0007 2016-01-21_0008 2016-01-21_0009 2016-01-21_0010 2016-01-21_0011 2016-01-21_0012 2016-01-21_0013 2016-01-21_0014

Saturday evening just after the Scoop commenced, my sister Donelle (who lives in San Diego) came to whisk me off to be with her and the family and long time friends for a fantastic three-day visit. Loved our time together…whether it be in worship at church, having meals, drinking coffee, relaxing with a glass of wine or chowing down on popcorn while seeing Star Wars! Such a special thing having a sister!

The plane ride home gave me such a lovely sky to enjoy as my time away came to a close.

2016-01-21_0026 2016-01-21_0018


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