Wonderland of Trees!

Oh my goodness and a great huge WOW! That is what I say about Constance’s talent when it comes to decorating her home for Christmas! For over 20 years she and her husband Ronald have labored together to put up 7 to 9 fully decorated Christmas trees throughout their gorgeous home. Johnny and I were blessed to be invited to their home over the holidays for a scrumptious meal with them. But all evening long I was wishing that I had my camera with me! Knowing that I was coming back the following week for a ladies gathering, I vowed to bring my camera back. So, last night when the Valley Glenn Ladies got together for their monthly gathering (which they graciously include me in) I was in “photography heaven”. Below, enjoy some of the pretty sights that we all enjoyed while in their “Wonderland of Trees”!

2016-01-05_0003  2016-01-05_0004 2016-01-05_0002 2016-01-05_0001


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