The Best Week Ever!

This past week was super special for many, many reasons. Mostly because it was the time of celebrating Christ’s birth. Although, Christmas’ over the years have not always been easy for me. Not because I did not always love Jesus, but because I struggled to be all that I felt that I should be throughout the season with all of its commitments and activities. For many years I was a “single” mom and I felt really like a misfit during the Christmas season. About nine years ago God brought Johnny into my life…and the Christmas season has become so much better for me since. There is now someone to share the joys of the season with.

This particular Christmas I coordinated our extended family Christmas dinner. We had it in Roseville at my niece and her husband’s home for the first time ever. That was really wonderful. They supplied their home and the drinks. We supplied the turkey.. Mom brought her yummy traditional Swedish Meatballs and the rest of the family filled in all the amazing wonderful side dishes and desserts. It worked perfectly! My sister had flown in from San Diego and we were able to take a family photo of mom and all four of her kids. (love…)

The following day we went to Grass Valley and most of us headed to the snow of Nevada City for the Victorian Christmas Fair. Before we went to the Christmas Fair, we drove up Highway 20 to the snow. I had no idea that so many grown adults (my mother included at age 87 + one teenager) could have such a rambunctious snowball fight!!!

A couple of days later Donelle, Lindsay and I had a “sweet” time together making Christmas cookies for our neighbors and pastors.

Then Christmas Eve Johnny and I had Lindsay, Mark, Bradley and Mom to our home for dinner after attending our Christmas Eve service at church.

To top it off, on Christmas Day my dear friend Luda and her husband Terry joined us for Christmas dinner. Wow! So much love of family and friends. I am smiling just thinking of all the fabulous times together. I would do it all again…well, as soon as we get the bank account happy and pounds off from this round. 😉 But believe me, it was all worth it!!!2015-12-27_0003 2015-12-27_0004 2015-12-27_0005 2015-12-27_0006 2015-12-27_0007  2015-12-27_0009 2015-12-27_0010  2015-12-27_0012 2015-12-27_0013  2015-12-27_0015 2015-12-27_0016 2015-12-27_0017  2015-12-27_0019  2015-12-27_0021 2015-12-27_0022 2015-12-27_0023 2015-12-27_0024 2015-12-27_0025 2015-12-27_0026

2015-12-27_0027 2015-12-27_0028 2015-12-27_0029 2015-12-27_0030 2015-12-27_0031 2015-12-27_0032 2015-12-27_0033

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