Family and Friends in So Cal!

A month or so back I had such a fabulous time with my sister and her family in San Diego and with my friends, who both recently moved to Southern California. I took planes and trains to visit them both. It was a super blessed time. The train was so over crowded though! What was up with that? The fact is, is that people were sitting in the train in all the walkways and steps. There just were not enough seats. But, we all got to know each other pretty well!!!

My sister Donelle and family just moved from the grey sky of Portland to sunny ones of San Diego. They are loving it! The picture of the family in the courtyard is of them. The view from her daughter Sara’s room was just beautiful in the wee hours of the morning. 🙂 Thank you Sara for giving me your space for a couple of days! Donelle and I had home decorating and wonderful patio visits together. Ah…I could use more of those.

The time walking and having fellowship on the beach with Stan and Robin was very special. I so miss them as our pastor and wife…Stan was such a fabulous pastor! It was great to see their new church though. And I loved having lots of coffee and visit times with my dear friend Robin. Their hospitality was very warm.

Friends and family are growing sweater and more special over the years. Knowing, more than ever, how blessed I am to have both!

2015-12-03_0001 2015-12-03_0002 2015-12-03_0003 2015-12-03_0004 2015-12-03_0005


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