The Heart of cabi

Last weekend many cabi stylists from around the Northern California area gathered together to help those in need. The Valley Fires of 2015 claimed many families homes and all their belongings.
The Heart of cabi loves to come in and supply clothes to help them get back on their feet. Over the last 10 years, cabi has given over $43 MILLION dollars in cash and clothing to women in need, both domestically and globally.
Below are the pictures that I took of the event in Middletown Calif. It was a special time and I was blessed to have been a part of it! (Thanks Rose, for that last picture that you took of me…a special memory)

2015-11-19_0001 2015-11-19_0002 2015-11-19_0003 2015-11-19_0004 2015-11-19_0005 2015-11-19_0006 2015-11-19_0007 2015-11-19_0008  2015-11-19_0010 2015-11-19_0011 2015-11-19_0012 2015-11-19_0013 2015-11-19_0014 2015-11-19_0015 2015-11-19_0016 2015-11-19_0017 2015-11-19_0018 2015-11-19_0019 2015-11-19_0020 2015-11-19_0021 2015-11-19_0022 2015-11-19_0023 2015-11-19_0024 2015-11-19_0025 2015-11-19_0026 2015-11-19_0027 2015-11-19_0028 2015-11-19_0029 2015-11-19_0030 2015-11-19_0031 2015-11-19_0032  2015-11-19_0034 2015-11-19_0035 2015-11-19_0036 2015-11-19_0037 2015-11-19_0038 2015-11-19_0039 2015-11-19_00402015-11-19_0041

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! What a gift you have, Patti!! xoxo – H

    Holly SearcyIndependent cabi StylistDirect: View the current Collection and order online at: the latest styling tips, trends and outfit ideas, visit the cabi blog at me on Facebook:** Experience the Fashion With Friends at Your Home or Mine ** Personal Style Appointments ** Closet Audits**

    Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2015 23:08:40 +0000 To:

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