Yosemite “Retreat”

As the fall approached, Johnny and I wanted to spend some time away on a sort of “retreat”. We had a few years previously stayed at the Wawona and wanted to enjoy time again at that historical hotel. Of course we spent time seeing the absolute majesty of the park itself, but much of what I appreciated this time around was relaxing on the verandas around the hotel with my books and journal.  Simplify, being my word for this year, turned into the theme of my “retreat”.
Below is a sampling of the pictures from Johnny’s and my time in this Amazing Creation of God!

2015-10-09_0001 2015-10-09_0002 2015-10-09_0003 2015-10-09_0004 2015-10-09_0005 2015-10-09_0006 2015-10-09_0007 2015-10-09_0008 2015-10-09_0009 2015-10-09_0010  2015-10-09_00122015-10-09_0014 2015-10-09_0015 2015-10-09_0016 2015-10-09_0017 2015-10-09_0018 2015-10-09_0019     2015-10-09_0024  2015-10-09_0026


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