The Tide-Pools of Point Reyes National Seashore

What a fabulous day yesterday was! Johnny, Mark, Lindsay and I took the day to be together and enjoy exploring a bit of the seashore at Point Reyes. Of course we began our day by loading up on coffee on our way out of Dodge! Once in Marin County we stopped at the local nursery in the little town of Ross…just for fun. First thing when we got to Point Reyes Station we dropped into the local bakery for some amazing homemade soup, pizza and pastries. By now, the day was too far gone! But that did not stop up from finding a wonderful hidden trail down to a rocky coastal beach. We explored for a long time before the tide went out surprising us with some amazing tide-pools to explore. What a fabulous time together! I know I am blesses…this is just a reminder of how much.

2015-10-18_0001 2015-10-18_0002 2015-10-18_0003 2015-10-18_0004 2015-10-18_0005 2015-10-18_0011 2015-10-18_0007 2015-10-18_0008 2015-10-18_0009 2015-10-18_0010 2015-10-18_0006

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