Family Reunion in Sequim Washington!

This has been a year full of travel for me! I had no sooner come home from the cabi Scoop that I went to in Orlando Florida, than I was on a plane with my mother heading to her home town of Sequim Washington. We were on our way to attend the annual Smith Family Reunion. They have been having these reunions for 40 years or so. It was wonderful to see so many of the family and to spend such special time with my mother. My brother Mark and his family were able to come as well…but they drove. Bless their hearts for making that long drive straight through to get home! Below are pictures of the time that we had before and after the “official” reunion as well as at the event itself. The time with Aunt Nancy, Uncle Don and my cousin Geoff was so sweet. (A little secret?….It is our hope to go on a cruise with them to Alaska next year) Seeing my Aunt Leola and Uncle Dan was a double treat! Spending time with my Uncle Asa at his home was heartwarming. And my other Aunt Nancy was so kind to let us stay with her in her comfortable home. Then to spend time with my cousin Judy in her 100-year-old home was a treat. Getting to know cousins as friends is awesome! I had time with Pam and Rochelle for coffee and with Gary and Jan at their dairy farm. My cousin Candice put such a sweet poster together for my dear Aunt Eunice who was the matriarch of the family and who went to be with Jesus this past year. We had a celebration of her and shared of the way that she touched each of our lives. I have to say, the visit was not nearly long enough. It was so special to spend this time with everyone along with my dear mother. She is a joy and a blessing…always!  (Iphone Photos)

2015-08-15_0001 2015-08-15_0002 2015-08-15_0003 2015-08-15_0004 2015-08-15_0005 2015-08-15_0006 2015-08-15_0007 2015-08-15_0008 2015-08-15_0009 2015-08-15_0010 2015-08-15_0011 2015-08-15_0012 2015-08-15_0013 2015-08-15_0014 2015-08-15_0015     2015-08-15_00222015-08-15_00172015-08-15_00162015-08-15_00182015-08-15_0020


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