RiverCats game…our Friday night date!

This past Friday Johnny and I went to a fabulous baseball game at Raley Field where the RiverCats went up against the Grizzlies. Stephen, Marks brother had some extra tickets that we were happy to help him out with. Mark and Lindsay drove separately from us, crazy but just as we merged onto the freeway to head into Sacramento we saw Lindsay waving her arm out their car window! Now what are the chances of that happening? So great to have a caravan to the field! When we got there Stephen was there to greet us and show us to our “grassy mound”.

What a blast we had that evening!  So family friendly. There was plenty of baseball food…cotton candy, hotdogs, peanuts, etc! And old-time traditional songs like “Take me out to the ballgame”. There was the classic organ scales and cheering after being instructed to “make noise” or “scream”! Children were EVERYWHERE! Such fun!!!  Just have to tell you about a funny comment Johnny made. He said “I have not watched a baseball game through a chain link fence since I was in Little-league”! These seats were overlooking the pitchers bullpen. (I might add that #12 on the Grizzlies team is one entertaining guy!)

The theme this night was Star Wars, complete with plenty of Star Wars music and large screen video. And to top it off there were fireworks!!!…closer than any other that I have ever experienced! This is totally a do-over again and again kind of Friday evening. Soooo glad that we went!

BTW…it doesn’t even matter that the RiverCats lost!

(IPhone Phosts will have to tell the story)



2015-07-11_0010 2015-07-11_0011




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