Our 3rd Annual July 4th Adventure!

We have precious few family traditions. This one is one of our favorite…

Johnny and I have for three years now, spent our July 4th weekend at Graeagle. This little town is so full of fabulous American nostalgia. They have a reenactment of the civil war, barn dance, parade, barbecue and fireworks! All this is spread out over the course of a long weekend. For the past two years Lindsay and Mark have joined us. This year we camped the first night at Plumas Eureka State Park then went on to our favorite lodge in that area. We had great weather over the four days. Actually it rained on us the first evening while we were around the campfire and some when we slept in our tents. 🙂 Then over the next couple of days we experienced biking in the rain twice. Such fun! The rain was refreshing. Being with Lindsay and Mark was special as we hiked and biked a ton. Take a look at so much beauty given from Gods creative hands!

2015-07-10_00042015-07-10_0001 2015-07-10_0002 2015-07-10_0003 2015-07-10_0005 2015-07-10_0006 2015-07-10_0007 2015-07-10_0008

We, along with many from the surrounding towns, sat out by our cars along the road or on the banks of the lake to enjoy the fireworks display! The sky was magnificent that evening just before the show. You could say that we had two shows that evening!

2015-07-10_0009 2015-07-10_0010

I can not say enough about Wendy, our hostess for the past three years at the Sierra Sky Lodge in Cromberg. She is so kind and full of hospitality. To make our stay even better, she prepares wonderful breakfasts every morning that she serves to all her guests in the comfortable breakfast/family room. Johnny and I find that one of the things that we look forward to most while staying there is the fabulous back yard. Our unit has a kitchen that has a small patio that looks onto the “back 40” as Wendy calls it. There is a huge fire pit there as well. We love to cozy up by it in the evenings…recapping our day. Ahhhh….I miss it already!

2015-07-10_0013 2015-07-10_0014 2015-07-10_0015 2015-07-10_0029

As I mentioned, we rent one of the units with a kitchen. In the morning I love to get up with a cup of hot coffee and have my quiet time with the Lord. Sometimes I will be at the darling formica table and others outside at the patio table. One morning I sat looking outside at the ladder that was leaning up along the fence of Lindsay and Marks room. It began to distract me….but only for a moment. Then I noticed the beautiful flowers that were growing around and through it. It inspired me to look past the ladder and be blessed with the flowers. Isn’t there always something like this that we can choose to focus on? On the morning of the 6th the devotional from In Touch had such awesome insights. The line that I was so taken by was “Remember, a lifetime of godliness develops one choice at a time”. So true. 2015-07-10_0011

Probably the favorite adventure for all of us was our biking trip out to Catfish Cove at Lake Davis. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! We biked on trails as well as gravel as well as paved roads to this beautiful cove. It lightly rained on us as we rode back to our cars. Later that afternoon we went back to the lodge and baked yummy (gluten free) brownies. Special times.

2015-07-10_00182015-07-10_0012  2015-07-10_0019 2015-07-10_0020


The town of Graeagle provided us with “entertainment” when we were not biking or sitting relaxing by the campfire.

2015-07-10_0021 2015-07-10_0022 2015-07-10_0023

The town of Portola had a gorgeous bike trail along the Feather River. So peaceful. We actually rode it twice as it was not quite enough of a ride to only ride it once. We met a young girl sitting on the bank of the river…contemplating and “finding some peace” as she told me. I quietly said a prayer for her. The sun was slowly setting and the Lords presence seemed so close. The golden wheat was captivating as we finished our time along the trail.

2015-07-10_0024 2015-07-10_0025 2015-07-10_0026 2015-07-10_0027 2015-07-10_0028

On our ride home Johnny and I stopped at Truckee and took our bikes off the rack for one last ride. This time, along the Truckee River. The trail there was at the start steep, but then it became very smooth. The river was low, yet still very beautiful. That evening we ended our trip with dinner there in town at a great Mexican restaurant. So special to have had such a wonderful time away in the mountains with my family. I am full of gratitude.


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