Blessed with friends like these!

It is Fathers Day weekend and Johnny and I are heading out-of-town to go camping! Yes, we are in our 50’s and 60’s and will be sleeping in a tent! Can’t wait. We have some very special friends that we planned to spend the whole day with in Grass Valley today. The car is not packed, the food is not purchased…we many not have the right clothes and supplies for the days ahead, but we will have some super special memories with some very special friends! We picked the Blodgers up this morning and grabbed some Starbucks then headed to the Empire Mine. We loved taking pictures together and being a couple of couples that just felt totally comfortable together.  After our time at the mine we went to Diegos. This place is VERY special to Johnny and I. It is the place that we had our first real “date”. Where I lost my heart to him. It was a heart warmer to see the wonderful sign that they had out on their patio. As the sign says…it’s all about grace and love! So special. After lunch we went back to the mine and walked out into the woods for a 2 mile hike. Watching the two guys enjoy each other totally warmed my heart. And Victoria being a girlfriend to me…talking about things that run deep in my soul was a true blessing. I am so looking forward to this week camping…and blessed to have had such a perfect start to some much needed time off with my honey! 2015-06-20_0001 2015-06-20_0002 2015-06-20_0003 2015-06-20_0004 2015-06-20_0005 2015-06-20_0006 2015-06-20_0007 2015-06-20_0008 2015-06-20_0009 2015-06-20_0010 2015-06-20_0011

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  1. I am usually the one who does their post-processing first…apparently not this time, and I love it. Beautiful captures from a very talented artist. And indeed, it was a wonderful day and thank you for the kind words.

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