W.E. are CAbi! (Women Entrepreneurs)

This was the best CAbi Scoop ever! It was held this month in San Diego at the convention center. It was my sixth time attending a CAbi Scoop and was full of amazing CAbi insights. The CAbi Scoop is our bi-yearly convention that brings together 3500 CAbi consultants for training, comradery, unveiling of the new seasons line and great girl time full of tons of fun and friendship! It is at Scoop where we learn great fashion trends and ideas to bring back home to our hostesses and their guests. Below are pictures from our leadership training, our founders breakfast, classes and product training. Some very special pictures are of our team in one of our rooms…sharing stories of how we came to be CAbi girls. After this we went out for dinner on CAbi on the town! Then further down are pictures of the beautiful closing reception that CAbi gave. The very last picture is a sneak peek…of the new logo that CAbi is introducing. So get ready for the new (yet ever wonderful) “cabi” over the months ahead!

I have to add one more thing…the most amazing thing about CAbi…The Heart of CAbi Foundation. This is one of  CAbi’s ways of “giving back”. CAbi partners with Opportunity International to provide women across the globe with micro loans to start their own businesses. CAbi is now making it possible that every time a woman becomes a CAbi Consultant (aka.Women Entrepreneur), CAbi will give in HER name a micro loan to another woman across the globe. Giving her the same chance to be an entrepreneur in her community. Lives are being changed! How blessed I am to be a CAbi girl who gets to play a small part in The Heart of CAbi!


2015-01-24_0002 2015-01-24_0001 2015-01-24_0006 2015-01-24_0007 2015-01-24_0005 2015-01-24_0008 2015-01-24_0009 2015-01-24_0011 2015-01-24_0010 2015-01-24_0012 2015-01-24_0014 2015-01-24_0013  2015-01-24_0004  2015-01-24_0015


  1. Thank you Susie! CAbi is such a blessing in my life. So grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing group of women. You and your founding sisters have lead this company so well. What a legacy you are leaving for woman all across the world.

  2. Patti, you do such a great job with this!! I love all the photos you have here – you really captured the essence of what happens at Scoop!! Bravo!

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