Special Christmas Times…2014

This past Christmas was one of the best that I can ever remember having. There were so many special times with family and friends. It was way busy for sure, but super blessed! Bear with me as I post pictures taken from my phone and my point and shoot… 😉

Throughout the season there were many fun party times that I had together with my lady friends.  One special evening Johnny and I with two other couples went to the Nutcracker Ballet in Folsom, preformed by the Moscow Ballet. It was done so differently than any that I remember seeing before. Way awesome. We also went to friends for a delicious prime rib dinner. Jill set the table so beautifully and Chip cooked the beef perfectly.

My sister Donelle was in town with her whole family this year. We had many different gatherings with all the family over Christmas week at my brother Marks (and now my mothers as well) lovely home. Then on Christmas day we had thirteen of the family over to our little home for a sit down ham dinner that Johnny prepared so beautifully. And lastly, the week after Christmas Mark and Lindsay came over to our home for breakfast/dinner (they were at Marks family on Christmas). We loved reading the story of Jesus coming to earth to bring joy, peace, love and reconciliation. The season was truly special for us.

2014-12-07_0004  2014-12-12_0001 2014-12-20_0002 2015-01-06_0001 2015-01-06_0003 2015-01-06_0002

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