Beautiful Bodega Bay!

Johnny and I decided to take a few days to visit the ocean, one of our favorite things to do together. We chose Bodega Bay….and we were so glad that we did. The morning that we left, the sunrise was amazing! I have started a thankfulness journal…I love awakening early to read, pray and journal some of my gratitude to the Lord. It keeps things in perspective.
The drive there was beautiful. This is just before we hit Clear Lake.
We arrived in Willits just before the sun was ready to set. The hotel clerk (also a photographer) suggested that we go to the summit to get a glimpse of the sun setting. We were a little late, but still loved the beauty of the sky.
Just a bit of sun left.
Our following morning Johnny and I got up to ride the Skunk Train. It was really so quaint to go through all the “train depot” motions.
The trees were draped in fog as we set off.
Just love how the fall leaves are turning. The train had cars that were outside and some that were inside as well. The trip was relaxing and gorgeous!
We had a stop for lunch and to listen to this fabulous musician (who loved to pose for the camera).
So cool to look up into the grand trees!


Heading back into Willits I captured this sign…and inadvertently captured the transient workers that were all over the town that time of year. They were called “cutters”.



On the way into Bodega Bay, the ocean views just captured my heart.
Johnny took me to the golf course in Bodega Bay. He loves to golf and had gotten up early our first morning there to check the course out. He wanted to share the fabulous views with me. Next time he will bring his clubs!



Someone was nice enough to take our picture for us. 🙂
Beautiful flowers along the way were begging me to photograph them!
2014-10-24_0006 The ocean colors are so rich.
Long Beach lives up to its name!
Getting to the light house by foot was somewhat of a descent. The climb back up was actually easier!
Yep! That says stair # 308.
This is actually at Bodega Bay. The day was amazingly warm. Johnny and I took our blanket out and almost fell asleep on the beach together. We and this other couple were the only ones there for the better part of an hour. Special time.
I love the textures of the ocean.
The sandpipers at this beach were fascinating.
Our last afternoon at the beach.
The Tides Restaurant was right on the water. Johnny and I enjoyed many breakfasts and dinners here. In the evening they shine a light on the water making all the birds “glow” in it. It was captivating!
As we were leaving we came to were the Russian River flows into the ocean. The water in the foreground is the river and the water in the back is the ocean. Loved seeing this!


  1. Wow, thank you for sharing! I was telling Mike last night how I miss the ocean and would love to go. Isn’t the Skunk Train fun? Glad you had a beautiful time together!

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