Tahoe Weekend with Girlfriends! (IPhone photos)

This past weekend Rose invited Colleen and I to her place in Tahoe (on South Shore) for the weekend. Colleen was gracious to drive me up with her to meet Rose on Saturday evening. That evening we had a lovely dinner and even had a little time of celebrating my birthday together. 🙂 All weekend we had such wonderful times of bonding together. We all know each other through CAbi, but this weekend turned out to be so much about becoming even better friends and encouraging and supporting each other. We were planning to get out on Rose’s boat for a ride, but the weather was quite cool and the smoke from King Fire was still very present. Instead, we spent Sunday in Rose’s living room sharing and being encouraged. Then in the evening we went out for more wonderful food, a gorgeous sunset and yes…more heartfelt sharing! I know that I have been given numerous blessings in my life, but this weekend just added to the many that I already have. “Lord, thank you for these two amazing women and the friendship that we share…Amen”


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