Mark turns 25!

Our family was blessed last year when Lindsay married her dear Mark! Mark has been such a fantastic addition to our family and I am so happy to post some pictures of our time together celebrating his 25 birthday! Lindsay and he decided to have a pig roast and use a friends home for the party. Gary and Oliver worked together (I think that they loved the challenge put before them) to build a cooker big enough to roast the pork. (Crazy thing…as the pork was being carved a little stray pet pig wandered into the yard…lost). Along with the cooked pork, Mark and Lindsay had many delicious side dishes. Yummy! They planned a picture scavenger hunt which turned out to be a real challenge, but loads of fun. Steven (Marks brother) and I teamed up and won!!! Yahoo! Anyways, here are some pictures of all the fun that we had. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MARK!!!

2014-09-13_0010 2014-09-13_0004 2014-09-13_0005 2014-09-13_0012 2014-09-13_0006 2014-09-13_0007 2014-09-13_0009 2014-09-13_0011 2014-09-13_0013 2014-09-13_0008 2014-09-13_0014 2014-09-13_0016 2014-09-13_0015 2014-09-13_0017 2014-09-13_0018



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