Labor Day Weekend Blessings (Captured with my IPhone)

The weekend was awesome! To start out, Johnny had it off! This does not happen often at all…I think this was his first in about 9 weeks. We had been invited over to Terry and Luda’s home to have dinner. Luda has become such a sweet friend of mine. I met her in a business group that I am a part of and she fell in love with CAbi and then we became fast friends! She and Terry could not have been more hospitable to us! They would not let us lift a finger with dinner…which was DELICIOUS! Wow Terry! You did an amazing job with the filet mignon steak, french truffle sauce and all the beautiful additions. Thank you, thank you! During dinner such lovely music was piped out to the back yard and after it got to dark to be outdoors, we went inside for a concert! Yes, they put a DVD in of Andrea Bocelli Live in Tuscany Italy on their huge (5 foot wide?) screen TV. They outdid themselves in showing us hospitality. We were grateful for the dinner…but mostly for the time of growing friendships.

2014-09-01_0001 2014-09-01_0002 2014-09-01_0003 2014-09-01_0004

We were so blessed to be together as a family on Sunday afternoon after a fabulous worship service at LIFEhouse church. My mother is living at my brothers home and they were gone for the Labor Day weekend. Mom had called to see if we could come her way and have dinner sometime over the weekend. Sunday afternoon is always the best family time, in my opinion. 🙂 We had just had a wonderful time of worship and then to relax and love on and be loved on by family was so special. After dinner everyone came inside and sat around the living room and read magazines, had coffee and chocolate as Mark and I took turns playing the piano. Thank you mom for being you! A loving and special woman in so many ways.

2014-09-01_0005  2014-09-01_0008

Still AMAZED that my IPhone can capture to many special memories!

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