The Borghese Gallery and Gardens (Rome, Italy)

The morning was a bit wet, yet not cold. We had said good-bye to our travel companions, as they took off earlier than us to visit the Galleria Borghese. Shortly after we arrived by taxi, just in time for our tour to start. The gallery was filled with rooms and rooms of stunning art. My favorite was the carving of Borghese’s wife. We were not allowed to photograph inside of the gallery, so I have added a link of the lovely carving. After the self guided tour, Johnny and I met up with Don and Victoria and visited the lavish garden together. It was so very beautiful! We walked and talked and just relaxed and admired the flowers and gazibo. The rain had subsided and everything was fresh. The time in the gardens brought me a moment of peace during a time that was otherwise quite hectic feeling for me.

Later that evening, we walked through some of the back streets of Rome and then to dinner. Our travel companion Don, was in heaven with his clams and linguine. This was his staple…along with salami! Pictures of both below. (The two pictures that have me in them, were taken by Don Blodger 🙂 Thanks Don!)


2014-08-16_0001 2014-08-16_0004 2014-08-23_00012014-08-16_0002 2014-08-16_0003 2014-08-16_0006 2014-08-16_0005 2014-08-16_0007 2014-08-16_0008 2014-08-23_00022014-08-16_0009 2014-08-16_0010 2014-08-16_0012 2014-08-16_0011

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