Helping my CAbi sister!

This month starts a new season with CAbi. 🙂 Each season, we CAbi girls are excited to unveil the entire new line (100 or so pieces) of stunning designer clothing to our fabulous hostesses! Last night I was helping my wonderful team member Rose with her beautiful preview show. She and her hostess Stacy did an awesome job bringing a fun night to all as we “unveiled” the new Fall ’14 CAbi line! You can see the entire Fall ’14 collection at

2014-08-09_0004 2014-08-09_0003 2014-08-09_0005 2014-08-09_0006 2014-08-09_0007 2014-08-09_0013 2014-08-09_0020 2014-08-09_0008 2014-08-09_0009 2014-08-09_0018 2014-08-09_0010  2014-08-09_0025 2014-08-09_0017  2014-08-09_0016 2014-08-09_0011  2014-08-09_0019 2014-08-09_0012 2014-08-09_0022 2014-08-09_0014 2014-08-09_0015 2014-08-09_0021

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