The CAbi Scoop, Denver and Dear Friends!

This past week was full, but oh so wonderful. It was a reunion…a gathering of old friends…and some new. For twelve years I lived in Denver with my late husband Jeff as he went to Denver Seminary. There were rich relationships made there that I treasure.  CAbi had their Fall ’14 Scoop in Denver and what a wonderful excuse to see Gerri (my kindred spirit friend from when our babies were just that, babies), Debbie (my dear friend and bridesmaid from my marriage to Jeff), Nancy (our pastors wife from years ago and a wonderful woman and friend) and Lisa (dear friend that I “match made” her and her husband of 20 years)! Donelle (my dear sister and CAbi team member) and I had a fabulous dinner out together at the start of the Scoop. Rose, (my newest awesome team member), Donelle, Colleen (my sweet friend and “mother” in CAbi) and so many more of us enjoyed a wonderful time together seeing all the amazing new CAbi fashions for this Fall ’14 season. And last, but anything but least, I was so excited to finally meet Carol Anderson and have a picture taken with her. The time together in Denver and seeing the flatirons of Boulder was so fabulous! I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

2014-07-24_0004 2014-07-24_0006 2014-07-24_0002 2014-07-24_0007 2014-07-24_0008 2014-07-24_0009 2014-07-24_0012 2014-07-24_0011 2014-07-24_0021 2014-07-24_0013 2014-07-24_0014 2014-07-24_0015

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